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Oakley City Recreation Complex

4300 North SR 32
Oakley, UT 84055

               Arena Fees:

ANNUAL PASSES                                      RESIDENT                     NON-RESIDENT


Single Adult                                                        $50                                $100


Couple                                                                 $75                                $150


Family*                                                              $125                                $250


Student**                                                           $40                                  $80


Senior (65 and older)                                         $40                                  $80


Group (4 Adult Passes)                                    $315                                $315


Professional Pass (Training/Lessons)                $400 Standard Rate


*All dependent family members under 18 years of age


**Must be attending/enrolled in higher education i.e. college/university/trade




MONTHLY PASS                                                 $25                                   $50




DAILY PASS                                                           $5                                   $10


                                                                    HOURLY RENTALS


Rental Times may not exceed 3 months at a time.


Requires a $500 security deposit on file in the Oakley City Offices


These rates do not apply for All Day/Event Rental.  Please see offices for event rates.


INDOOR ARENA:                                      RESIDENT                     NON-RESIDENT


Mon.-Fri.  4:00 pm-11:00 pm                           $25/hr.                          $50/hr.


Sat. & Sun.  All Day                                            $25/hr.                          $50/hr.


                                                 OUTDOOR ARENA:


Sun.-Sat.   All Day-No Lights                             $15/hr.                          $15/hr.


Sun.-Sat.    All Day- With Lights                        $30/hr.                          $30/hr.


Pen and Stall Rentals


A security deposit of $150 is required for all stalls and horse pens


A security deposit of $500 is required for all cattle pens


                                                                             Monthly                        Daily


Stalls (Barn/Shed Row)                                          $70                              $20


Large Horse Pens                                                   $85


Cattle Pen Rental                                                   $85



**Please note that straw is NOT ALLOWED for bedding in pens and stalls***




                                                    TRACTOR FEES:


  •        $25/HOUR
  •        $80 HALF DAY
  •        $160 FULL DAY
  •        For events please contact Oakley City Offices (435)783-5734