City of Oakley, Utah 

Oakley City
960 W. Center Street
P.O. Box 129
Oakley, Utah 84055

Fax: 435-783-5732
Rodeo: 435-783-5753 
8:00a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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July 3-July 6

“To preserve the Oakley quality of life, preservation of natural resources, rural lifestyle, and enhancement of community pride and values.”     —Oakley Municipal Code

A message from the Mayor and Council--


     A sense of community is perhaps Oakley’s greatest attribute and nothing exemplifies this better than the Oakley Rodeo and Fourth of July activities.   Hundreds of volunteers gather yearly to flip burgers, usher patrons, organize a parade and welcome others to visit our community. Rodeo Committee Chairman Gerald Young and his committee work all year planning, contracting with livestock providers, big screens, sponsors as well as setting up and tearing down banners. Mike and Sue Woolstenhulme have organized the Snack Shacks with food and volunteers for years. If you haven’t had a chance to work there one night, you are missing out on a great experience where residents work side by side to produce a great product and are rewarded with a fulfilling dose of community spirit. Our office staff and public works employees work tirelessly getting ready for the big event. Church and scouting groups help keep the grounds clean.

         We apologize for the incident at the Junior Rodeo where money was put on steers for kids to take off. There was a miscommunication and small children were invited to participate. Fortunately, it was stopped promptly and no one received any serious injuries. It won’t happen again. Also we had a tough first night with logistics and ticket scanning. Those problems were addressed and we do not foresee that happening again.

           The last two years have been the most successful rodeos in Oakley history, bringing in enough money to cover the annual $150,000 bond payment which paid for the grounds and recreation complex (this will be paid off in four years). Oakley, the Civic Club and the Car Show also donate money to fight cancer contribute to the Peace House which helps woman and families in abusive situations and host a special needs rodeo.   We encourage those who have moved in recently to participate next year. Thank you. Thank you.   Thank you!   The volunteerism that Oakley is famous for is what makes our community such a wonderful place to live.




Annual Drinking Water Quality Report
Oakley City  Water System 2017


Almost all repairs have been done at Oakley’s humbug well (more planned in the fall) are completed.  The well is 90% full.  There is one repair to fix the transducer (monitoring device) before we are fully functional, however the outside water ban is officially lifted, and for now,  we ask that you water only every three days.    Thank you for you patience.      --Oakley City

Oakley was first explored as a location for a new settlement in about 1850. The City was incorporated in 1933 and Robert V. Frazier was elected the first Mayor.  We are located about 45 miles East of Salt Lake City in Eastern Summit County.  With a population of 1,576 in as of 2014, we enjoy the many benefits of being in a high mountain valley at 6500 feet in elevation with the beautiful Weber River flowing through our City. 


Synopsis of public comments, surveys, letters and emails concerning Stevens Nature Preserve and the Weber River Corridor Project.
City of Oakley, Utah 

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