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January 11, 2011

Oakley Rodeo Committee Meeting Minutes January 11, 2011
Members: Gerald Young
Rustin Young
Ken Woolstenhulme
Andy Woolstenhulme
Tiny Woolstenhulme
Bonnie Jones

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.
Review PRCA National Convention
1. Andy and Gerald attended round table discussions and general sessions
2. Animal Welfare – purpose is to protect and care for animals in the rodeo
a. Senator from North Dakota spoke about a new bill that bans hauling horses in double deck trailers because height of the two decks isn’t tall enough for horses.
b. need to have ways and means to remove animals humanely
Oakley uses a sled that is hooked up to the city tractor and ready to go if needed.
c. Need to share information with city for incidents that may occur at other events
d. It was suggested that a contact be identified to interface with the media and be prepared to represent Oakley and be able to answer questions appropriately
3. Contract Personnel
a. Barrel man under contract is no longer available because he’s in jail. Oakley will draft a letter and send to his last known address to notify him that his contract is cancelled.
b. Signed Rodriguez from Kansas for 2011 for barrel man and specialty act.
c. Signed Gizmo for 2012. He is the 4
4. Dodge – Bret Gibson - everything is lined up with their sponsorship
5. Wrangler will give up to $1,500 in vouchers for retailers (AA Callisters Reams, etc.). Buy a pair of jeans and receive two vouchers good for rodeo tickets for Thursday night.
6. Justin Sports Medicine will provide 2 doctors and therapists as in past years. They are leading medical providers and request an ambulance and personnel on hand for transportation. One of the doctors they send also works at the NFR
7. Social Networking – Kelly is willing to create and maintain a facebook page for the Oakley Rodeo. Discussed social networking (facebook, twitter, etc.) and how that would help promote the rodeo. It could be used for notifying fans of inclement weather or status of ticket sales and general rodeo information, promotions, etc.
Motion introduced and seconded to pursue facebook. Those in favor unanimous.
ï‚· Dick indicated he is stepping down from the rodeo committee. He has been a key member on the committee and one of the primary members in acquiring sponsorships and working in all areas of the rodeo and will be missed. Discussed ways of resolving any issues he may have so he will stay.
ï‚· Discussed making recommendations to council for additional help on the committee.
ï‚· Discussed how to approach sponsors
The mayor and a council member will attend the next meeting to review responsibilities between the City and Rodeo Committee.
Queen Contest will be handled by Terri Leifson again this year.
Media Kit – Vern will create a media kit again this year and can produce it to an Apple site for $7-$14.
Swire Coca-Cola contract has 4 years remaining. We’ll get neck hangers, truck backs and will work with Don Weller to create another image to be used in advertisement and marketing for Thursday reduced price.
On-line ticket sales – There are still some issues to resolve and the town office is working on it. We need to have a rodeo website separate from the city with a link to it from the city site. Preferably Oakley needs to acquire the domain before someone else takes it. Rodeo committee needs to be able to update their own information or have someone dedicated to do that. Andy motioned we reserve the domain name and for publishing a web site in the future. Seconded by Gerald. Motion passed unanimously.
Gerald – committee must get a purchase order before purchasing items.
Motion to adjourn by Andy. Next meeting will be February 1 at 7:00 p.m.
Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.
Action Items: Andy will investigate facebook web site
Andy will work with Vern on media kit
Bonnie will acquire and